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At Kalman Samuels, a Montreal law firm, our size helps us to deliver a client-centered approach. Our specialization means we know where to place our efforts to best serve our clients. The dedication and quality of our Montreal family lawyers at Kalman Samuels ensure that our clients are well-represented, and their rights respected.

Our firm was established in 1957 and we have been setting the bar on high standards of client service and legal practice ever since. Decades of hard work and excellence have helped us to develop a top-tier reputation among Montreal family lawyers. This reputation helps to attract top-quality attorneys, interns, and students who wish to be associated with us, and the high standard of these candidates helps us to develop and maintain a position of leadership as a Montreal Family Law firm.



Our law firm of attorneys in Montreal, two steps from the courthouse, practices law in a variety of legal fields. From family law to construction law, passing by immigration to Canada and real estate law or co-ownership law, it is among our conscientious and devoted attorneys that you will find the professional who corresponds to your needs and who will assist you in your legal requirements.

Our highly specialized attorneys distinguish themselves by their ability to adapt to the realities of our ever-changing world. Our philosophy and our objective, in our daily practice, intend to implement our exceptional competencies for the complete satisfaction of our clients.



TLM Avocats is a firm specializing in family law that will listen to you and advise you as best as possible with regard to the law and your rights. TLM Avocats will also help you plan a possible separation. Because we never know what the future is made of, it is essential, when all is well between the spouses, to foresee what is likely to happen later. TLM Avocats will help you set up a separation agreement. Together we will discuss topics such as child custody or the payment of child support or the separation of furniture or the house. This agreement is essential because it can save you long and costly procedures later. Whether you are spouse, parent, or grandparents, TLM Avocats can help you, advise you, and represent you in the situation you are experiencing.



At Alepin Gauthier, our lawyers and notaries demonstrate professionalism throughout the entirety of their respective mandates and interactions with clients. It is thanks to an efficient and organized system that the firm has built its professional reputation. Our team not only acts in accordance with the high standards imposed by the practice of the legal profession in Quebec but has also set specific objectives to ensure its effectiveness in its dealings with its clients.



Muriel Librati specializes in Family law and Civil Litigation. She is an advocate of mediation, negotiations, and settlement conferences, however when the latter fails her sharp litigation skills are put into force to obtain her client’s best interest.

Over the past 25 years, legislation has significantly reformed personal and family law. These laws continue to evolve in order to respond to the sociological realities of Quebec’s families. As a lawyer specializing in family law my focus and interest is that of the client and the personalized service I offer to inform and advise clients as to the best course of action whether it be mediation or litigation.



When you only focus on one specialty, it makes sense that you will be better at it than someone who focuses on all specialties. That’s why Family Law is the only area of law we practice. Simpson Law was founded in 2005 with the belief that it is paramount to explore your family law rights and obligations. We help you bridge solutions that are beneficial to you and result in less time and money being spent on the legal process. We are always ready for instructions and to provide our guidance, expertise, and recommendations. Our team has extensive experience in all aspects of family law from trials, to mediations and arbitrations. We are aware of your interests at stake and that you may simply need professional advice. We will help you through your family law case and work towards the best outcome in your respective case or situation. We will ensure that you are always well-informed and satisfied with the services provided and the results achieved. We are serving with results.



Our law firm is made up of more than 15 experienced family law & divorce lawyers Our service allows you to speak directly to our lawyers on the phone, by videoconference, or in person. An in-person meeting can take place at one of our 12 offices located in Quebec.

Our team of experienced family lawyers represents clients with multiple needs: child custody, division of family patrimony, alimony, divorce, child protection hearing, and many more.

Veronica Vallelonga leads the largest team of family law lawyers in the Province. When one or both members of a couple realize their marriage is not working out, it is normal to want to consult a family lawyer to protect their rights. This is why you can speak directly to our lawyers on the phone, by videoconference or use online chat.



Me Sheri Spunt founded the firm in 2017 which started off in her home under the name Sheri M. Spunt, Avocate. Not long after that as new lawyers joined the practice, we added an “s” and changed the name of the firm to Sheri M. Spunt, Avocats. As the firm has grown, we continue to build a law firm that reflects our core values. When asked “how we do what we do” the answer is simple: we are given the opportunity to help our clients that are at the most vulnerable moment of their lives and take them through the process. Our clients leave our offices in a better place and on to the next chapter of their lives.

We bring extensive experience and professionalism to every case we take on and customize our support to your individual needs and concerns.

Our goal, whenever possible, is to settle our files amicably and to obtain a result that is fair and justified. However, in cases where an out-of-court settlement is not possible, our lawyers are seasoned litigators and ready to fight for your rights.

The model of the firm is designed for our clients to obtain experienced representation at conservative costs. In order to do so, Me Sheri Spunt and Me Alexander Carin work with a junior associate on each file. We look forward to helping you and your loved ones and to providing you with exceptional service.



For 100 years, the Franklin and Franklin team of internationally respected lawyers have provided our clients in Montreal, and around the globe the very finest legal representation possible. Our hand-picked team of results oriented professionals have decades of experience in the halls of justice and getting our clients the outcome they deserve.

Our clients always choose Franklin and Franklin because, for 10 decades, our reputation as tenacious legal professionals who work one-on-one with our clients to always achieve the most favorable results.

We measure our success in two ways; through our longevity, and the satisfaction of our clients. For those two reasons, we are proud to be considered one of the premier law forms in Montreal, and across the country, and it is thanks to our tireless dedicated team and our clients’ loyalty.

M.H. Franklin founded our firm one hundred years ago, and today some of his original clients’ grandchildren and even great grandchildren still consider us as family, because they understand that our dedication to uphold our client’s interests is just as important now, as it was when our founder first opened the doors.



Lachkar, Lalande is a law firm specializing in the practice of family law in Quebec. Our office offers extensive expertise in complex matrimonial disputes due to their intricate financial issues and conflicting parental management. This duo is recognized for the thoroughness of their work, the effectiveness of their strategies, and the high quality of their representations before the courts. Whether you are wondering about your rights and obligations or whether you are dealing with a divorce or a separation, we are at your disposal to advise you, accompany you and represent you.


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