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I Am Focused On Your Future

I am attorney Julie A. Stephens of Stephens Law Firm, P.C. I am committed to helping my clients overcome whatever family law or estate and probate-related challenges they are facing. I understand how personal these matters can be. I know that it is difficult for most of us to bring others into matters that are so personal. I am honored when people choose me to help them face the legal difficulties they are facing. I repay my clients for the trust they place in me by dedicating myself to providing them with the exceptional representation they deserve.

Many lawyers focus on the cases before them rather than the lives of their clients. I know that I serve my clients best when I learn who they are and where the current situation they are in fits into the larger picture of their lives. Without that context, it is all too easy to accept a solution that may resolve the case while not doing anything to improve the person’s situation.



The team at Gittens & Associates is comprised of a highly skilled and knowledgeable group of professionals. Our vision is to put our clients first through excellence in customer service, client-lawyer relationships, and proven results.

No matter the type of legal counsel or representation you’re looking for, our team has the expertise to handle any case. Many lawyers in St. John only specialize in one area of law, but our team boasts a wide range of experience in many different practice areas, so you can be sure you’re getting well-rounded representation.

There are endless reasons you might need a lawyer: marriage disputes, a car accident, inheritance—the list can go on and on. You wouldn’t hire a divorce lawyer to handle a malpractice lawsuit, but if the lawyer has experience with both, it’s as if you’re getting two lawyers in one.



At Perry & Power, we have experienced Newfoundland lawyers with a down-to-earth approach to clients. We are small enough to provide personalized service yet large enough to provide high-quality advice and representation to both individuals and corporations. Combined, we have over 85 years of practical experience in providing legal advice and services.

Our firm offers a wide range of services. We can act on the purchase, sale, or mortgage of any type of real estate, either residential or commercial.

Today’s world is a complex web of contractual, quasi-contractual, and legal restrictions and obligations. We can help you make sense of these and work with you to obtain the best possible combination for your needs.

We also provide advice on and prepare wills and represent clients in estate disputes. We represent people who have been injured, either through a slip and fall, motor vehicle accident, or other unfortunate circumstances. We handle family matters such as divorce, custody, child support, spousal support, and division of property. We also handle all sorts of criminal law matters, as well as many types of civil litigation including claims for wrongful dismissal.



We are a full-service law firm located in St. John’s, Newfoundland, and Labrador, Canada, consisting of two lawyers (father and daughter), and we are assisted by our administrative/support staff.

We practice in a wide variety of areas, including real estate, personal injury, family law and many others.

We offer our clients a free 30-minute initial consultation on any matter and if required, we can arrange a consultation at your home or workplace. We also offer weekend and evening appointments.

Areas of Practice

Family Law

  • Cohabitation or pre-nuptial agreements, marriage contracts, and separation agreements
  • Divorce, division of property and debts upon the termination of a marriage or common-law relationship, child and spousal support, and custody/access issues


Divorce and family law are intensely personal areas of the law, and that’s why it’s important to select a divorce attorney who you feel confident and comfortable with. Legal issues in these areas often represent some of the most important transitions in life. Decisions made during divorce and family law cases can have lasting implications for years to come. If you are in need of a divorce lawyer in St Augustine, FL comes to discuss it with me, Christopher (“Chris”) Taylor. As a family law attorney has built this practice to efficiently serve clients going through the transition of divorce and other family law matters.

Divorce is a transition in life that is often accompanied by uncertainty and anxiety. In many cases, people are unsure what to expect or how to begin. My goal is to provide solid legal representation while being available to assist clients through the often difficult transition of divorce. By being personally involved in every aspect of legal representation, I am able to provide direct advice in the dynamic, changing landscape of an active divorce case.



Practical, dedicated, and versatile, Orr, Cabot, Crosbie, and Oley Law is a modern boutique law firm based in St. John’s. We have built our practice to offer collaborative and innovative solutions while ensuring personalized attention. We believe in providing sound, grounded advice for our clients on legal issues.

We understand that dealing with legal concerns takes valuable time away from what matters most to you or your business. Our team brings the experience and strategic thinking you need to find the best solution to resolve complex issues. We guarantee that you will receive prompt and reliable service from all Orr, Cabot, Crosbie, and Oley Law partners.



We have been operating for more than 40 years. Tobias F. McDonald Law Offices was established in 1981 and became McDonald & Hounsell Law Offices in 2006. We pride ourselves on our relaxed and friendly approach with experienced lawyers and a dedicated staff.

We recognize that matters involving the breakdown of a marriage and custody or support of children are very emotional and stressful. With this in mind, our goal is to provide you with a comfortable environment whereby you can express your concerns openly and freely. Only then are we able to provide you with options as to how you may wish to proceed with your matter, with due consideration to the potential cost versus the importance of the particular issue to you.

We always try to give you a sense of how we feel your matter would be adjudicated in a court of law. We will advise you of your rights and obligations, and we will support your position to trial, if necessary.



Life doesn’t always go as planned. Finding a path through separation and divorce can be one of life’s most difficult challenges – especially when children are involved. At Relationshift Family Law, we focus exclusively on what matters most – family. We are committed to helping clients resolve their legal issues, in a cost-effective and timely manner, so they can move forward.

We can help you navigate through issues such as child custody and access, mobility, child support, spousal support, and property division. We strive for positive outcomes in the most efficient way possible by assessing each client’s unique situation and developing a realistic plan. Our goal is to empower our clients with the knowledge they need to move forward. Whether by agreement or court, we are committed to helping our clients find the right solution.



Our compassionate and client-focussed legal team has been recognized for demonstrating exceptional skill, experience, and excellence in legal advocacy. Established in early 2015 by combining two established and well-respected personal injury firms, we pride ourselves in a contemporary, personable and relaxed setting, a genuine reflection of our staff and legal team. Not a typical atmosphere, not a typical experience!

In today’s society, it has become all too easy to make promises or rely on phrases that sound reassuring. But the words mean nothing unless they represent a true effort that runs much deeper than the words themselves. At Rogers Rogers Moyse, we are proud of our efforts and take pride in the belief that our words are a fair reflection of the work that they portray.



Fraize Law and its predecessors have been in existence for over 54 years. Richard Greene, Q.C., established the original firm, Richard Greene Law Offices, in 1964. Thomas W. Fraize joined the firm as an associate in 1982, upon completion of his articles under Richard Greene, Q.C., who retired in 1995. At that time, Mr. Fraize took over operations, and the firm name became Fraize Law Offices. The firm has continued to operate from the building, 268 Duckworth St., since 1969.

Fraize Law is a general practice law firm comprised of three lawyers, Thomas W. Fraize, Q.C., Donald K. Powell, and Lara Fraize-Burry. The firm offers a wide range of legal services, with a focus on Real Estate, Family Law, Commercial Law, Marine Financing, Wills and Estates, and Personal Injury. As a small firm, we have the ability to offer our clients after-hours service, off-site service (when necessary), and a focus on each of our clients, no matter how large or small the matter.


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