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Horne Coupar LLP has a team of lawyers who practice exclusively family law. We have the expertise to represent clients in all aspects of family law including divorce, division of property, spousal support, child support, separation agreements, and cohabitation/prenuptial/postnuptial agreements. This means that we can assist you if you are entering a new relationship and want to make arrangements for future division of property, parenting arrangements, and support, or if you are separating or divorcing and require assistance resolving your property, support, and parenting arrangements.

Our family law lawyers appreciate that there is not a “one size fits all” approach to family law and that various situations require different methods of proceeding. We are skilled at resolving your family law matter through alternative dispute resolution such as negotiation, mediation, and/or arbitration, or advancing your case through either the Provincial or Supreme Court of British Columbia. Regardless of the avenue pursued, Horne Coupar LLP’s family law lawyers will work with you to de-escalate any conflict and to help you reach a resolution in your case.

Family law is often intertwined with other legal issues such as estate matters, corporate law, and real estate law. Horne Coupar LLP also provides these services to clients and our team will work together to ensure that all of your legal matters are addressed in a timely and cost-effective manner.



Crease Harman LLP (“Crease Harman”) traces its roots to 1858 when Henry Crease became the first barrister qualified to practice as a Barrister of Her Majesty’s Court of Civil Justice for Vancouver Island. The firm’s history extends back to 1866, making it the oldest law firm in British Columbia. Since its establishment, the firm has played a remarkable role in the evolution of the law in British Columbia and Canada. Based on its long and distinguished tradition of providing insightful and valuable legal advice Crease Harman continues to offer outstanding legal services to a diverse and expanding client base.

In Western Canada, we are unique in being law firm generations old. The benefit of this is that we offer services from lawyers with as much as 40 years of experience at the bar as well as from newly called lawyers and articled students. Such variety permits the dynamics of the firm to be vital with youth and wise with experience. Crease Harman is proud of its lawyers and the powerful and effective interplay created by their divergent backgrounds, interests, and experience. Our lawyers stay current with the fast-changing legal environment by attending and contributing to educational seminars and conferences. Crease Harman lawyers participate in the community by donating time and energy to many local charitable, political, and sporting organizations.

At Crease Harman we honour our heritage, embrace the future and continue to focus on our primary goal – providing practical legal solutions to our clients in a timely and cost-efficient manner.



Brown Henderson Melbye is a full-service family law firm based in Victoria with a rich history of experience and innovation in British Columbia and beyond. Trudi Brown QC literally wrote the book on Family Law in BC, British Columbia Family Law Practice, with Madam Justice Huddart and she, Jane Henderson QC, and Kay Melbye as the firm’s namesakes have all been a part of the evolution of family law in various ways since Trudi first began practicing law Victoria more than 40 years ago.

The origins of Brown Henderson Melbye date to 1985 when Trudi Brown QC and Jane Henderson QC joined forces with Deborah Acheson and Judith Kay and formed Brown Acheson Henderson & Kay, affectionately known around town by the colourful nickname “the Broads on Broad Street”. From the beginning, Trudi and Jane concentrated their practices on issues affecting children, families, and elders, and have made significant contributions to the way that family law is practiced in British Columbia.

In 2001 Kay Melbye who was born and raised in Victoria shifted from a general litigation practice to focus on family law in Victoria with the new partnership of Brown Henderson and became a partner in 2009 creating Brown Henderson Melbye. Jane has since retired from the firm.



Our firm was founded over 40 years ago. Michael O’Connor and Alan Peterson joined Patrick Bion and Bruce McConnan in 1976, and the firm became known as McConnan Bion O’Connor & Peterson in 1981.

For the first eight years of our existence, we kept a branch office in Ganges on Salt Spring Island. We closed the office in the early 80s when several full-time lawyers became resident on the island. However, we still maintain strong ties with many clients on the Gulf Islands.

As McConnan Bion O’Connor & Peterson continues to move forward, we provide a wide range of legal services to residents in Victoria and all over southern Vancouver Island, consistently maintaining the high standard of service to our clients that we strived to achieve from the outset.

As one of Victoria’s leading law firms, we are very proud of the service we have provided to our clients over the past 40 years and are enthusiastic about the services that we will provide in the future.



​Welcome to McCullough Watt Sutton Lynskey & Hodson. We are pleased to provide you with information about our lawyers, the kinds of results they have achieved, and the types of cases we handle. We also hope that you will develop a sense of who we are in the legal community and how we approach the practice of law.

At McCullough Watt Sutton Lynskey & Hodson, we understand that the issues you face – whether they be criminal charges or a divorce – will have significant consequences that impact your future. Draw upon our experience to achieve the results you deserve. We are a dedicated team of trial lawyers with an emphasis on results. The core of our team is made up of senior, experienced trial lawyers. Using a collaborative approach to the practice of law, each member of our firm draws upon the experience of that team.

McCullough Watt Sutton Lynskey & Hodson was founded in 1994. The partnership has undergone some transformations over time, but today consists of the same core talent. They have assembled a team with wide-ranging skills, experience, and a dedication to excellence in the practice of law. We welcome the opportunity to discuss your case and what we can do for you.



Family Law for the Benefit of All Involved

Your family is your first priority, and your priorities are ours. Consequently, at Stevenson Luchies & Legh we provide all the support you need when facing the complications of a divorce, a separation, or of a pre-nuptial agreement, for example. Our successful team of family lawyers includes experts in mediation, collaborative family law, and family law litigation.

Because the last thing anyone wants is a long, messy, and painful court case, we want to keep you out of the courtroom. That is why we approach family law with the intention of finding creative solutions. If this is not possible, we can represent you loyally with the best in-court services when necessary.

Our family lawyers can assist you with:
  • Composing prenuptial agreements
  • Resolving child custody and child access issues
  • Obtain spousal support and child support
  • Handling the division of assets within a family or common-law relationship
  • Arranging for the removal of a spouse from a family home
  • Obtaining restraining orders, or limiting the contact of a spouse
  • Obtaining a paternity order
  • Providing counsel on adoption proceedings

At Stevenson Luchies & Legh, we have successfully represented hundreds of family law cases in Victoria, B.C., and beyond. Whatever your family needs, we can offer professional, courteous, and sensitive legal advice and support.



Family law issues can be overwhelming. We can help guide you and your family through the process with legal advice tailored to your needs. Our lawyers have extensive experience in helping to resolve all areas of family law in Colwood and the Westshore. Our lawyers are committed to providing you with a legal solution that is practical, reasonable, and long-lasting. We have the knowledge, resources, and experience to represent your best interests. We’ll assist you in weighing your alternatives and offer the knowledge and expertise to navigate this transition while getting the outcomes you deserve.

MacIsaac and MacIsaac can assist you with a full range of family law services. If you are experiencing a separation in your relationship, we can advise and guide you on issues including custody, guardianship, parenting responsibilities, parenting time, contact, property division (including pension division), and child and spousal support. If you are starting a new relationship, we can advise you on Marriage and Cohabitation Agreements. We can represent you if you are dealing with the removal of your child by the Ministry of Children and Families. We can help you if you are adding a new member to your family through adoption.

We will assist you to resolve your family law problems by advocating on your behalf and help you to reach a settlement through negotiation, mediation, and/or arbitration. Where out of Court resolutions are not possible, we can guide you through the Court process. Our family lawyers have the experience and sensitivity to help you resolve your unique family issues.



We handle the simplest to the most complex high-profile cases. lawyers in Southfield, Michigan

With over 100 years of collective experience, no one prepares better for a divorce or family law case than The Law Firm of Victoria, P.C.

Over the years, we have represented many clients with different legal matters. We always make sure that every case procedure goes smoothly to make your experience less stressful.

We are the largest firm that exclusively represents women in family law matters. Our firm also feels it is very important to educate women as much as possible on the divorce process. When our divorce attorneys located in Birmingham, MI enter a courtroom, our clients are armed with skill, knowledge, and dedication.

Why Should I Choose The Law Firm of Victoria, P.C.?

If you are faced with divorce, custody, parenting time, or other serious family law problems, you need the strength and experience of The Law Firm of Victoria, P.C. to protect your legal rights and financial security.

When you come to The Law Firm of Victoria, P.C., you will have a dedicated team of attorneys who take an aggressive approach to meet your goals, to provide you with a just and fair resolution of your case.

The most rewarding aspect of our job is knowing that we have helped our clients through one of the most difficult experiences of their lives and were able to give them confidence, guidance, and reassurance. Achieving fair and equitable results for our clients is always our goal.



For well over a century, the lawyers of Cox Taylor and its predecessor firms have been committed to both client service and community service. Our firm counts among its alumni current and former judges, mayors, council members, members of Parliament, and members of the Legislative Assembly. Two former partners of our firm have served as Treasurer of the Law Society of British Columbia. In addition to providing pro bono legal services, our lawyers serve as board members in a broad array of governmental, civic, educational, and charitable organizations.

Our firm traces its beginnings to the law practice established by Thornton Fell, K.C. in Victoria, British Columbia in 1881. A prominent barrister, Mr. Fell served as Clerk of the Legislative Assembly between 1878 and 1920. In 1890, Mr. Fell entered into a partnership with Francis Gregory, practising as Fell & Gregory in the Chancery Chambers near Langley Street until the latter’s appointment to the Supreme Court of British Columbia in 1909. On Mr. Fell’s death in 1920, Joseph Clearihue, Q.C. continued Mr. Fell’s practice during the interwar years.

The firm expanded after 1945 with the addition of partners George F. T. Gregory, J.R. Grant, and Allan Cox. A young English barrister, Rodney J. Taylor, joined the firm in 1954. In 1964, George Gregory was appointed to the Supreme Court of British Columbia, like his father before him.



We listen to you and think outside the box. We have the right tools to meet your needs and goals. We share with you the strengths and weaknesses of your case.

We explain the risks and opportunities. If there is an easy solution, we give it to you. If you do not need us yet, we tell you. We do these things even though it means you might not need us or might not need us as much. Our long-term reputation is built on doing the right thing for our clients. There are plenty of opportunities to act for people. We only want to help when we can deliver a valuable service and improve the lives of our clients. If we do not think we can improve your situation by more than the cost, then we do not want to be involved. Our reputation is built on making people’s lives better, not worse.

The two principals of our firm have combined experience helping clients with complex or contested matters over 50 years. We seek the best and most cost-effective solutions for our clients, even though many times the problems our clients bring to us are difficult and complex. We apply up-to-date tools for handling documents electronically, conducting research, and handling workflows in the office. We work as a team and we delegate the less complex tasks on your matter to the most cost-effective team member to control your costs.


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