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For over 45 years, Cassidy Ramsay has been providing knowledgeable and serious legal counsel for our individual and corporate clients in Winnipeg. Whether you need to develop a child custody arrangement, draft real estate purchase or sale contracts, or settle an owner/tenant dispute, we can help guide you through the complicated legal process. We will assist you throughout your case and protect your interests.

Here’s a look at the advantage of getting advice from legal consultants:

  • Helps you get a professional evaluation of your case through a detailed assessment of facts from a legal perspective.
  • Makes you aware of your rights and obligations and provides you with an opportunity to undertake the right course of legal action.
  • Allows you to have confidential discussions about every little detail, without any privacy concerns.
  • Provides you with efficient legal support to resolve disputes in a fair, timely, and affordable manner.
  • Makes a lot of difference to the outcome of a case you are fighting.

We have lawyers ready to review your case and are available by appointment at your convenience. We go above and beyond to facilitate and meet our client’s goals. Contact Cassidy Ramsay in Winnipeg today for more information about our legal services. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have.



Tacium Vincent & Associates developed out of our previous firm, Tacium Vincent Orlikow. Expanding demand and the need for more space resulted in the creation of the new firm and brand new office in the heart of St. Boniface. As a founding partner of Tacium Vincent Orlikow in 1988, David Vincent created a firm that focused on professional advice while providing client-oriented legal services. At Tacium Vincent & Associates, that same vision lives on in a new space with the same founding partner and additional lawyers to assist with all of our clients’ needs.

Our goal has always been to ensure that our clients are satisfied with their experience and we continue to be committed to providing quality service and reliable advice. We invite any clients, past and present, to visit our new office. We are always happy to assist.

Tacium Vincent & Associates developed out of our previous firm, Tacium Vincent Orlikow. Expanding demand and the need for more space resulted in the creation of the new firm and brand new office in the heart of St. Boniface.

As a founding partner of Tacium Vincent Orlikow in 1988, David Vincent created a firm that focused on professional advice while providing client-oriented legal services. At Tacium Vincent & Associates, that same vision lives on in a new space with the same founding partner and additional lawyers to assist with all of our clients’ needs.



Visionary Law Corporation is a boutique law firm serving Winnipeg, Manitoba, and the surrounding areas. As a client-focused firm, we care about our client’s well-being. We strive to provide a unique experience by harnessing new technologies to support cutting-edge, innovative, quick, and comprehensive legal solutions and advice. Our efficient processes reduce our client costs and speed up processes, all while maintaining our quality of service. As visionaries we value the expertise of each of our team members – together we help create a better tomorrow for each and every client.

As visionaries and leaders in our industry, we pride ourselves on helping families achieve significant milestones. Our commitment to you, our clients, is unshakable. We understand the central role our firm takes in helping families shape their futures. In order to ensure we provide excellent services we enshrined our goals, values, and beliefs in the founding documents upon which our culture is based.



With over four decades of experience, Norm is one of Manitoba’s most prominent practitioners of family law. He guides clients through all aspects of family transition, including separation and divorce, custody matters, child and spousal support, and family property accountings and division. Norm assists clients with investment portfolios, family businesses, trust structures, and other complex holdings impacted by a change in a family situation.

Norm is qualified to resolve settlements through a collaborative law process. He is also experienced in family law litigation in a courtroom setting and a variety of arbitration or alternative dispute resolution practices. Norm has been trained in mediation and has completed the National Family Law Arbitration Course. He can conduct both mediations and arbitrations. He was qualified to give expert opinion in relation to a family law matter by the Manitoba Court of King’s Bench (Civil Division).



Our firm has been serving Manitobans for over 40 years. Since being founded in 1978, the firm has been dedicated to providing affordable, quality legal services to citizens of Winnipeg and all of Manitoba in a welcoming and approachable environment. Navigating legal remedies may involve crossing difficult legal waters. Let one of our lawyers assist you with your matter to make the journey that much easier. We are able to help you in nearly all areas of law, including family law, real estate, wills and estates, civil litigation, corporate and commercial law, personal injury, criminal law, and immigration matters.

Our 12-lawyer team, including six partners and six associates, has cumulative legal experience of over 300 years. We work in a collegial atmosphere, ensuring you receive the best legal advice available.

At McRoberts we are committed to listening to our clients and treating them with respect. We believe in honesty and integrity, which means we may have to tell you things you don’t want to hear. But our honesty comes with caring, all with the goal of relieving the stress and burden that comes with a legal claim.

We’re committed to protecting your and your family’s legal and financial future. We’re not only on your side for the moment, we’re here for you for any future legal needs as well.



Bennet Waugh Corne offers the unique blend of a boutique law firm focusing on the area of family law, with knowledgeable general practice lawyers able to meet all the legal needs of a family.

Bennet Waugh Corne offers quality lawyers able to meet a family’s need to resolve conflict as a result of family breakdowns, such as the resolution of custody issues, support issues, and property issues; and to meet the ordinary legal needs of individual family members, at all stages of their lives. Bennet Waugh Corne purposely includes lawyers on its team whose practices involve the ordinary issues a family will face – real estate, wills and estates, personal injury and other civil disputes, and business law.

Two of Our Partners – Bennet Waugh Corne Lawyers – Family Law – Winnipeg – Manitoba

We have stayed small enough that we easily share amongst each other our ideas and experience in our chosen areas of practice, just as a family; in doing so we broaden the knowledge base and insight of all members, in all areas that we practice.

We Can Help you solve and avoid problems which your family may face by recognizing how different areas of law can impact you, and by fully servicing the legal needs of you and your family.



There’s nothing more important than family, but sometimes families fall apart. When they do, the law has to step in to help families divide assets and provide for the care of minor children. Family lawyers also help their clients plan for senior care, manage adoptions, and engage in estate planning.

Our family lawyers have decades of experience, and a long track record of successfully helping clients navigate their cases. We’re here to answer questions, litigate when necessary, and help you take steps that will secure your family’s future.

Our lawyers have an extensive background in family law. For example, our founding partner, Anthony Merchant, is the Associate Editor of the Carswell Reports of Family Law, is a Member of the Advisory Board of the Canadian Journal of Family Law, and is a Member of the Advisory Board of the Family Law Journal. He has also published extensively in journals such as Canadian Family Law Quarterly, as have many of our other lawyers.

This background is combined with thousands of hours of practical case experience, all of which can be brought to your benefit no matter how complex or high-stakes your family law case may be. We specialize in highly contentious, high-asset divorces. We can help you strengthen your case so you get the strongest settlement the law allows.



Mercier & Associates was established in Winnipeg, Manitoba on April 1st, 2005, as the first modern family law boutique in the area. Today, our team of 4 incredible lawyers strives to provide excellent quality service in all areas of family law.

We understand the challenges and hardships that come with our services, and we’re willing to do whatever we can to help people through these difficult times and set them up for success in the next stage of their lives.

Our goal is always to settle matters in a way that suits each family’s unique circumstances using whatever resources are available, whether that includes settlement meetings, mediation, arbitration, negotiation, and/or parenting coaches. However, if necessary, our lawyers are also prepared to proceed through the court process where we have significant experience in front of the Family Court in Manitoba at all steps of the procedure.

We primarily serve the Winnipeg area, but also attend court at all levels on a regular basis in Brandon, Portage la Prairie, Morden, Selkirk, and other areas within the province.



PKF Lawyers is a true legal institution in Manitoba, with significant community impact and few rivals in the degree it advances entrepreneurship.

From its original founding in 1924, the firm has grown across Manitoba, and has expanded to become one of the top 6 law firms in Manitoba. We have a significant bench strength of expert lawyers, operate out of multiple locations in Manitoba, and continuously strive to expand our reach, serve Manitoba better, and provide cogent advice that our clients can understand and trust.

The principles that have bound our team together, and what we consider the best ingredients for longevity and fundamental client value, are:

  • Ethics
  • Knowledge
  • Care
  • Diverse capability
  • Attention to detail

We possess recognized proficiency in all areas of essential legal services. PKF Lawyers has handled a rich file of subjects in the interests of a wide variety of unique clients – from young multi millionaire entrepreneurs fighting U.S. congress, to families disillusioned and trapped in the red tape of immigration, to farm families understanding regulatory requirements, to couples agonizing over adoption issues. We understand that there is always a solution to the problems entrusted to us. Sometimes, there are several. Our task is to find and deliver the right solution to serve our clients’ needs.



Since my call to the Manitoba Bar in 2009 I have been attracted to family law due to my desire to assist families through the emotionally and intellectually challenging issues they face when there is a breakdown of a relationship. I have been practising collaborative law since my training in 2011.

I strive to provide caring and considerate legal guidance to my clients as they face the difficult issues surrounding their separation.

I believe that for most individuals there is a better process than Court to assist with the reorganization of their family. I believe in collaborative and cooperative methods to resolve conflict. I aim to help my clients move forward with their new reality in way that preserves relationships by prioritizing the children. I believe separating parents want to do the best for their family and deserve guidance that aligns with their goals of resolving their separation fairly, respectfully and efficiently. I understand the cost of the legal process is a real and valid concern and will be transparent about the costs throughout.

I believe that the collaborative process to dispute resolution provides solutions that will suit you and your family’s current and future needs.


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