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When a family is in difficulties, the ripple effect cannot be underestimated. It can affect how children cope at school, how adults perform at work, wider relationships with family and friends, health, and every aspect of their lives. Launched in 2013, Family Law Matters Scotland LLP is an award-winning Family Law practice with the aim of making a positive difference to individuals going through the challenges of relationship breakdown.

We understand that choosing a family lawyer is an important decision for you. We appreciate that you may be uncertain of your options. We will listen to your objectives and provide you with sound legal advice to help you achieve them. We apply our specialist legal knowledge and expertise to guide you through each step of the journey.

Our family lawyers meet regularly to discuss individual cases. This means that, not only do you receive personal service from your own lawyer, but you will also benefit from the expertise of the entire team.

Our team includes solicitors accredited by the Law Society of Scotland as specialists in Family and Child Law; solicitors trained in collaborative negotiation and accredited Family Mediators.

Although family law is all we do, we also understand that good legal advice sometimes requires input from other areas of the law, financial advisors, tax planning, and counselors. We can work with your existing specialist; or recommend specialists to you, based on our experience and client feedback.



When you are going through a change in your family life – whether that be separation, divorce, or planning how to pass your family business onto the next generation – you may need the support of an experienced family law team to ensure all decisions are made in your and your loved ones’ best interests.

Claphams is a local law firm dedicated to providing long-term legal advice and support to clients as they navigate complex and stressful changes in their lives. Our family lawyers understand the deeply personal nature of family law matters, which is why we always approach them with understanding, warmth, and sensitivity.

If you are looking for legal advice relating to a change in your family life, please do not hesitate to contact us and discuss your circumstances with our team.

Claphams’ family law services

Our team of experienced family law solicitors provides a comprehensive service, which aims to protect your and your family’s welfare now and in the long term. In all cases, we endeavor to resolve the issues quickly and effectively and to keep costs as low as possible.



In fact, it’s all we do. Between our five solicitors, we have over 100 years of experience in family law cases.

We believe that being a small, boutique family law firm helps us to help you. It means that whilst we know about other areas of the law, such as company law and employment law, our knowledge isabout how these other areas interplay with our specialist field.

Boutique Law Firm

Being a small, boutique family law firm helps us, help you. It means that whilst we know other areas of the law, such as company & employment law, our knowledge is about how these other areas interplay with our specialist field.

Care & Attention

We have a close and friendly business partnership built on mutual respect. Your case will be important to us and the attention we give it will be personal, but with the back-up of a highly experienced team.

Experts In our Field

There are now many alternatives to litigation in court in family law. We can offer them all including reference to mediation, collaboration and family law arbitration. We are all members of the Family Law Association Scotland.



Although divorce is now a reality for many families, when a relationship breaks down it can be a painful and stressful time for all those involved, sometimes requiring particularly difficult adjustments. The solicitors at Simplicity law understand this and are ready to help you settle your divorce as swiftly as possible.

Led by Emma King who has been rated as one of the three best Family Law Solicitors in Glasgow by Three Best Rated® for over 6 years consecutively, we are Family Law specialists, and all our Family Lawyers have the qualifications and experience to provide you with the legal advice and services that you need during this sensitive time.

Whether you are going to court or seeking to settle the matter amicably with your partner, we can help minimize the damage and distress for you and your family during this difficult time. At Simplicity, we provide a range of Family Law services on a fixed fee basis. This means that if you are worried about the cost of your divorce or do not have legal aid, you can still afford legal advice.

In order to get a divorce, the person raising the court action must show that the marriage in question has broken down irretrievably. To do that the party seeking a divorce will be required to show one of the following:-

  • Adultery on the part of the other person
  • The behaviour of the other person means that it is unreasonable for the person seeking the divorce to have to live with that person
  • Separation


Scullion LAW is a multi-award-winning, law firm with offices in Glasgow and Hamilton.

Since 1979 our focus has always been Excellence in Client Care and our Commitment to the Community.

Our Mission is to revolutionise our clients’ experience of legal services, one client at a time, so that they come back to use us for future services and recommend us to family and friends.

We are one of Scotland’s leading law firms combining quality, service & value.

Our Values:

  • Passion
  • Integrity
  • Client Focus
  • Care
  • Dynamism

Our Aim:

We are a community-focused firm. Our aim is to make a difference and improve lives across Scotland.

Our People:

Founded in 1979 by Nicholas James Scullion and his wife Dorothy, Scullion LAW is now run by his son Nicholas Jonathan Scullion practicing with a loyal team of 30 dedicated legal professionals.



Families go through different stages – not all good, but sometimes unavoidable.

Those involved sometimes need to make big decisions when they could not feel less equipped to do so.

That is why good family law advice is so important.

Areas of practice

Beltrami & Co have a team of family lawyers who between them have encountered the full range of difficult family law situations, so can give advice and guidance to clients. These areas include:

  • Cohabitation rights
  • Children in a Separation
  • Finances after Separation
  • Aliment
  • Pre-nuptial agreements
  • Inderdict and Exclusion
  • Adoption
  • Permanence
  • Child relocation/removal
  • Children’s hearings
  • Children’s referrals
  • Contractual terms will be agreed with you at the outset and will depend on the value and complexity of the case. For the types of cases above, we are unable to offer legal aid, but we can take on cases funded through insurance.

Legal Aid

For a limited number of cases, we are able to obtain legal aid funding in the following areas:

  • Permanence orders
  • Children’s referral proceedings
  • Adoption
  • Children’s hearings


    About Millen Solicitors

    Millen Solicitors are a firm with Principal, Julie Millen, Associate Lora Johnstone. We are based in the west of Glasgow, just off the Clydeside Express Way, and have a consulting room in the north of Glasgow, easily accessed from the M8. We are ideally located to cover all courts across Scotland.

    We offer a range of services from Family, Civil Litigation, Private Client and Criminal law. We strongly believe in achieving customer satisfaction across all areas of law practised at Millen Solicitors. Our aim is to provide a quality assured and cost-effective legal service for all our clients; to be a practice our clients are proud to be associated with; and our employees proud to be a part of.

    We are based in Glasgow city centre, close to all major transport links into the city. In addition to the short walk from the office to Glasgow Sheriff Court, we are ideally located to cover all courts across Scotland.

    We offer a range of services from Family Law, Civil Litigation, Wills and Executries, Powers of Attorney, Guardianship and Criminal law.

    We strongly believe in achieving customer satisfaction across all areas of the law we practise at Millen Solicitors. Our aim is to provide a quality assured and cost-effective legal service for all clients – to be a practice our clients are proud to be associated with, and our employees proud to be a part of.



    Harper Macleod’s roots go back to 1988, when Lorne Crerar, later to become Professor Lorne Crerar CBE and chairman of the firm, led a small group, with another partner, and converted the nascent business division of a Glasgow court firm into a separate commercial practice. Professor Crerar was warned by stalwarts of the profession that building a commercial law firm of scale from scratch just couldn’t be done, a challenge that was readily taken up. Harpers, as the legal startup was known, subsequently took over a niche corporate firm called Macleods to become Harper Macleod, and the rest is history.

    In 2002, Martin Darroch joined the firm as Finance Director and in 2006 became the first-ever non-lawyer Chief Executive of a Scottish law firm. The firm’s growth was meteoric, expanding its footprint all over Scotland as it quickly became one of the country’s leading firms and a pioneer in changing the way legal partnerships operated. From the start, Harper Macleod was a business that just happened to be a law firm.

    Driving forward

    Today, Harper Macleod is one of the largest professional partnerships in Scotland, serving clients and their interests in Scotland, the UK and beyond. The firm has grown consistently in scale, in finances and also in terms of the role it plays in the civic and economic community across Scotland.

    The firm’s core values have remained consistent over many years. We are:

    • Entrepreneurial & Innovative
    • Open & Collaborative
    • Responsible & Ethical


    Family issues and disputes can cause acute distress and anxiety. However, you may be surprised by the variety of options available to you. Our sympathetic team of family lawyers in Scotland will assess your circumstances and provide guidance to ensure that you take the best course of action to resolve the situation.

    Whether your concerns relate to the residence of your child, cohabitation, separation, divorce, the ownership of the matrimonial home or any other financial matters, we offer objective, reliable and clear advice and will steer you through the entire process to a satisfactory resolution.

    At Jones Whyte, we offer advice to clients all over Scotland. While Jones Whyte family law is in Glasgow, our team can help you wherever you are in the country.

    We believe a collaborative approach is often best in family law matters. This aims to reach an agreement that benefits all parties. However, if this is not possible and court action is necessary, you will find that our team of specialist family lawyers are tough and experienced litigators.

    At Jones Whyte, we have a highly experienced team of family law and divorce lawyers, who can advise on all aspects of family law.

    We will handle your case with care and compassion, no matter the circumstances. Cases we have advised on include:

    • Child residence.
    • Financial support after separation.
    • Grandparents’ rights.

    Our experienced and empathetic team of family lawyers prioritizes your family, we offer a range of competitive rates to suit your individual circumstances.



    What makes us different?

    We provide a high-level premium service at an affordable price. The way we do this is by streamlining time-consuming minor tasks with the assistance of technology and with a unique and transparent approach to pricing.

    Anyone who has instructed a Solicitor in the past will know there is a lot more to legal representation than simply getting advice. We, of course, provide honest, accurate, and upfront legal advice, but over and above that we are a service-focused, affordable firm.

    Affordable Family Law

    Let’s be honest, lawyers can be expensive. We reduce the cost of our services to our clients by being relentlessly selective with our overheads. We outsource our cash room, accountancy, IT, and even our receptionist. Meaning we can have these essential elements in our business at a fraction of the usual cost. Our main office is in Stepps, in North Glasgow, with smaller unstaffed meeting facilities in Glasgow and Falkirk. These factors, along with many more, reduce our overheads versus many of our competitors.

    We operate a predominately paperless office, don’t have unnecessary junior members of staff, and instead look to modern solutions to administration. We use industry-leading software technology to automate a number of tasks that you would otherwise be charged for. Our business model is streamlined and we pass those savings on to you without any sacrifice to the service that we offer. We offer a unique billing structure that is more beneficial to you and completely transparent with no hidden costs.


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