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To us, you are more than just a number. Whether you are privately funded or seeking assistance in the form of legal aid (public funding), we are confident one of our Family Lawyers will be able to assist you. With offices spanning from Ilkley to Pontefract and York to Barnsley, along with our head office situated in Leeds, you can be confident that you are not too far away from one of Ison Harrison’s dedicated and specialized Family Lawyers at any one point.

We specialize in providing advice in the following areas namely:

  • Divorce, Civil Partnership Dissolution, Nullity, and Judicial Separation;
  • Cohabitant’s rights and disputes;
  • Pre and Post Nuptial Agreements;
  • Domestic abuse;
  • Private Children Law matters (non-local authority involvement on a statutory basis);
  • Public Children Law matters (local authority involvement otherwise referred to as care proceedings);
  • Grandparents’ rights;
  • Financial Provision for Children (otherwise known as Schedule 1 of the Children Act 1989); and
  • Intervenors.
    • We understand the difficulties and uncertainties facing our family clients whether that be through a separation or disputes in relation to children. It is each of our Family Lawyers’ objectives to make this journey the smoothest and most suitable for you taking into account your own personal circumstances. Whilst you may be at the beginning of the journey, we are already planning how we will get you to where you want to be at the end.

      With a large team of legal advisers including Partners, Solicitors, and Paralegals you can be confident in the legal advice you receive from some of the best family lawyers in the Yorkshire area.



We are a small firm of solicitors specializing in Family Law and Wills & Probate. We put our client’s needs first and we have developed our commitment to you.

We have solicitors based in York, Selby, Worksop, Cleckheaton, and Barnsley, but we work with clients across the UK.

Our commitment to you

You’re in safe hands

We understand that you may be going through a difficult time. We’ll give you one point of contact, an experienced lawyer that you can trust and build a relationship with.

At Rucklidges we keep you informed

We know it can be stressful waiting for information. We won’t keep you waiting unnecessarily, we will always let you know about the progress on your case as soon as we do.

Helping you Understand the Legal Process

Legal matters can be complex, especially if it’s the first time you’ve had to deal with them. We’ll explain everything to you in simple terms and guide you through the process so that you know what’s happening.

You’re our priority

We don’t overload our lawyers with too many clients, we keep our workload manageable so that we make sure we are available to you if you need us. If we are busy when you call, we’ll always get back to you as soon as we can.



At Crombie Wilkinson, we care about our clients; now and for their future.

This is why when you become a client of Crombie Wilkinson, we enroll you into our Client Club, which offers many benefits including our Service Pledge.

Our Client Club gives you the peace of mind that we are committed to looking after you and your family. By taking the time to understand your personal circumstances, we will work hard to ensure your affairs are in order to prevent possible problems and mitigate risks that may come up in later life.

We call this part of the Client Club service our ‘Platform’. Our promise is to make sure all our clients are on our Platform, benefiting from proactive engagement with us so we can provide you with the ongoing care and assistance we pride ourselves on delivering.

Crombie Wilkinson Solicitors Service Pledge

We will work together as a team to deliver an excellent client experience for you.

To achieve this we will:

  • listen and care about you and your circumstances
  • treat you politely, considerately, and with respect
  • work with you as a team so you come to know and trust us
  • update you regularly using plain language
  • work hard to avoid delays
  • contact you should unforeseen events happen
  • ensure there are no surprises in costs
  • take on board your feedback so we can continuously improve our service


When your marriage or relationship breaks down

Whether you are married, living together, or having civil partners – ending your relationship is never easy. Whilst you may not wish to live together anymore, the prospect of splitting up can seem overwhelming, especially if children are involved.

Although it is in everyone’s best interests to part amicably, this is easier said than done. With emotions running high, it can be hard for spouses/partners to reach an agreement. Issues such as custody of children, what to do about the family home, or other shared assets will need to be sorted out.

How can Ware & Kay help?

Our family solicitor Robert Bellhouse has many years of experience in advising clients in all aspects of relationship breakdown/divorce and separation, financial, and children issues. Robert is a qualified family mediator and collaborative trained solicitor.

Here are some of the areas covered by our Family Department:

  • Divorce and Relationship Breakdown
  • Separation and Separation Agreements
  • Financial Provision and Settlement
  • Child Law
  • Arrangements and Financial Provision relating to Children
  • Prenuptial & Postnuptial Agreements
  • Cohabitation Agreements
  • Change of name


Divorce and Separation

An acknowledged leader in divorce and separation, we understand that choosing the right representation in the complex and sensitive area of family law – is critical. We champion constructive settlements, wherever possible, which help to avoid protracted arguments and promote cooperation between parents in decisions concerning children and finances. With over 40% of marriages ending in divorce, our experts deliver a bespoke service tailored to your circumstances.

  • Divorce and Separation
  • Financial Claims on Divorce
  • Dissolution of Civil Partnerships
  • Methods for Resolving Finances
  • Pre and Post Nuptial Agreements
  • Cohabitation
  • Domestic Violence

Children Matters

The reputation of our Children’s Department in balancing the needs of children and their parents in all scenarios – is unparalleled. Experts in putting children’s interests first, our children’s solicitors work hard to ensure their well-being, living arrangements, financial security, and protection. If you cannot reach an agreement through informal negotiations, we will guide you through the options to establish which one is best for you.

Arrangements for Children

  • Child Protection
  • International Child Abduction
  • Adoption


Family law solicitors

If you are dealing with a divorce or separation, the Harrowells team of family law specialists is here to achieve the best outcome for you

It is vital to understand where you stand legally before committing to any proposals, and it is advisable to get family law advice from a family lawyer at an early stage before any decisions are made. At Harrowells we offer initial confidential appointments to all new clients so that you can discuss any concerns you have, work out with your solicitor what your main objectives are, and find out the best way to achieve them.

The process of getting divorced or separating from your partner can seem confusing and intimidating, with lots of paperwork and legal details you need to get right. Our divorce lawyers will guide you every step of the way and provide all of the family law services you will need, making sure everything is done correctly, so you can formally end your relationship as smoothly as possible.

We will also adopt a style that best works for you. Divorce does not need to be antagonistic and it doesn’t mean that we cannot work amicably and constructively. What we will do is set out the options for you and let you tell us how you want us to handle things for you.



Experienced Family Solicitors

Our empathetic, experienced team of family solicitors understands that when it comes to family, prompt access to considerate and professional legal advice takes on new importance. Our specialist family law teams will guide you with clarity and compassion through a range of family law issues, whether you’re dealing with domestic abuse, divorce, family finances, or child custody issues and access issues (known as child arrangement disputes).

We are the largest provider of legal aid for domestic abuse cases in England and 9/10 clients say they would recommend us.

Family law is complex and can often involve sensitive or very stressful subjects. Having an experienced legal representative by your side to guide you through difficult experiences with confidence, empathy, surety, and professionalism is imperative.

For your peace of mind, many of our family solicitors are members of Resolution, a national organization of specialist family lawyers. We’re committed to the Resolution Code of Practice, which means that your National Legal Service-appointed solicitor will work to reach a settlement using constructive negotiation. This approach often leads to a quicker resolution, helping to reduce stress and lower legal fees.



At Newtons Solicitors, our team of family law specialists provides constructive and impartial advice to resolve any disputes relating to family law issues. Our family law solicitors offer family legal advice in a variety of scenarios, including:

  • Divorce and Separation
  • Civil partnerships
  • Financial settlements
  • Child law
  • Pre and postnuptial agreements
  • Parental responsibility and grandparents’ rights
  • Child abduction
  • Cohabitation

Our Divorce and Family Law Team

Family law issues can be complicated, stressful, and emotional for all parties involved and our family law solicitors are committed to supporting you through this challenging time. Our divorce and family law team will strive to achieve solutions that both parties agree to and, wherever possible, without the need to issue court proceedings. If that is not possible, we are ready to stand by you, safeguarding your best interests.

If you have received a notice of proceedings and need further advice or if you are considering divorce or separation, we are here to guide you. Whether you are dealing with the custody of your children, financial settlements, or pre or postnuptial agreements, our team of experienced solicitors is well-versed in divorce and family law and is on hand to help you navigate the legal aspects of relationship breakdowns.



Family Law

Berwins Solicitor’s experienced team of family law specialists provides expert, impartial advice to help resolve disputes relating to family matters.

Family law encompasses a wide range of legal issues, including divorce, separation, child custody, and support, adoption, domestic violence, financial settlements, and distribution of assets.

Our dedicated family law team is equipped to handle a wide variety of cases and will provide the expert, impartial advice and support you need to reach a suitable resolution.

We offer constructive guidance relating to the breakdown of a relationship, children and parental responsibility, finance, property, same-sex marriage, and civil partnerships, and we pride ourselves on our commitment to finding a solution that is tailored to your needs.

Why come to us?

While we have five specialist legal teams across a range of sectors, the firm is well known for its work as collaborative family solicitors so you can approach us with the reassurance that you will be supported by a strong team that is both highly respected and, with almost 70 years combined experience, is well-practiced within this field.

Our passion, care, teamwork, ownership, and accessibility are at the very heart of how we do business and our commitment to caring for our clients and putting their best interest at the forefront ensures we deliver a truly exceptional service that stands us out from the rest.

We offer a broad array of family law services, including separation and divorce, disputes concerning children, cohabitation, pre-and post-nuptial agreements, and relationship breakdown, providing expert advice and guidance to ease you through the settlement process.



Rollits’ team of family law solicitors cares about you and your family. Offering support and guidance to help you navigate the trauma of relationship breakdown and family crisis, we will help you to identify the best way forward through difficult times.

All members of the Rollits’ team of family law solicitors are specialists, accredited by the Law Society and Resolution. The team has extensive expertise in complex business and personal financial arrangements, with the ability to draw on a wealth of experience from across the firm’s leading commercial, pensions, and private capital teams.

We are also trained collaborative practitioners and accredited mediation solicitors, which means we can give you the choice of taking your case to court or resolving matters using alternative dispute resolution.

Our family lawyers have extensive experience in guiding clients through the transition that will be needed to develop a workable ongoing future relationship as parents if children are involved.

Handling your case with respect and understanding, we will take the time to listen, explain all your options and work hard to enable you to achieve the best possible outcome.


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