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Ballarat Lawyers is a boutique law firm servicing clients throughout Victoria in all legal matters including Family Law, Conveyancing, Property Law and Wills and Estates.

Ballarat Lawyers provide skilled legal advice that is clear, succinct and tailored to your needs. We have a team of dedicated legal professionals who will manage your legal affairs with enthusiasm and accountability. We understand the challenges that you may be facing and our technical skills and knowledge of the law will allow us to offer you helpful assistance and realistic advice on your legal matters. We act for a number of clients from companies to individuals and you can rest assured that no matter is too small or too large for our team.



Family law disputes or court proceedings regarding parenting or property matters can be challenging and complex.

BJT Legal can assist you in all areas of family law, including court representation throughout Victoria and Australia if necessary.

If you are considering separating, then we recommend that you consider consulting our family lawyers at an early stage.

Any decisions that you make now in relation to your children or your property could have significant implications in the future.

Getting advice and talking to our family lawyers could assist you in making decisions that you will feel comfortable with long term. It could also assist you in settling your differences before the matter becomes too complicated.

If you have already reached an agreement, then by talking to us, we can advise you and ensure that any agreement reached is in your best interest and binding.



Heinz Law takes great pride in our 125 year commitment to Ballarat, and to regional Victoria. Our parents and grandparents are part of the fabric of Ballarat and the region, as are many of our client’s ancestors – which is why serving this community has always mattered to Heinz Law.

We understand the struggles and dreams of the residents of Ballarat, because we share those struggles and dreams. But Heinz Law has never limited itself to only this region of Victoria. Our clients come from far and wide, and our team have a vast range of experience gained from across Victoria, from metropolitan centres, and from life experiences more broadly.

We have grown. Our team has grown. Our ability to reach new communities has grown and keeps growing. Heinz Law has thrived for 125 years, not only because of the service we provide, but because we have embraced the evolution of our practice, and the evolution of our clients, and the society in which we live.

However, even as we look to those bigger city lights, we will always be part of this community. This is our ground zero. We are as proud and as committed to Regional Victoria, and Ballarat, as each previous generation has been.

No matter how much we stretch our wings, some things will never diminish. Our support of our dedicated team. Our commitment to our community. Our advocacy for our clients. Together, as a team, we are dedicated to the pursuit of our client’s objectives.

This combination of knowledge and heart has ensured a high success rate for our clients and satisfied staff who want to work for Heinz Law. These same qualities will ensure Heinz Law will continue to thrive and serve its community.



Ballarat’s Best Choice in Family Law – Divorce, Separations & Child Custody.

If you find yourself drowning in relationship woes, you can take refuge in the safe harbours of Australian family law. And more importantly, the professional and understanding team of Family Lawyers Ballarat can help you get there.

As legal navigators, a passionate team of experienced family law practitioners who will work with you to pursue a strategic legal solution to your family law issues. Whether it’s divorce, parenting arrangements, child support or the division of assets, our family lawyers Ballarat team promises to represent you to the best of their resources and abilities.

Experienced in Family Law, de Facto and all other family law services.

Here are some of the areas you can set your sails upon and let the team of Ballarat family lawyers chart the way out of your legal proceedings, whether it be:

  • Divorce,
  • De Facto and/or Same-Sex Relationships,
  • Property Settlements and Financial Agreements,
  • Parenting Disputes, Spousal Maintenance and Child Support,
  • Pre-Nuptial Agreements,
  • Domestic Abuse,
  • International Family Law, or
  • Family Law Orders
  • Intervention Orders
  • Family Law Mediation and Arbitration

Get the Best Legal Solution in Ballarat

Our family lawyers Ballarat team is committed to finding the best solution for you during this difficult and challenging period in life. As you go through life’s journey, remember, it’s not always smooth sailing. Let the trusted team of family lawyers in Ballarat help you make your legal actions simple and affordable and guide you into calmer waters. Call our hotline at 1800 572 417 to speak to a lawyer today.



The new company ‘Baird & McGregor incorporating Cuthberts’ specializes in a range of legal services including – property, wills & estates, family, commercial law also including Notary Public matters.

‘Baird & McGregor incorporating Cuthberts’ Barristers & Solicitors officially opened on 1st November 2019 at the current location of Baird & McGregor Barristers & Solicitors at 9 Lydiard Street North, Ballarat.



Our Family Law Services

The combination of corporate and commercial experience, asset protection, estate planning experience and background and human resources provides BLRS with the legal team equipped for your needs.

Anna and her team are passionate, focused and driven to help you through the maze of family law.

There is more to family law such as the human element. It’s important to understand domestic abuse and family violence and to know when to act quickly to provide protection. It’s important for clients to know what options are available, what help is available and what steps can be taken to protect children and themselves.

Family law also reveals heightened emotions such as anger, fear, uncertainty, resentment and unhappiness. At Ballarat Legal Resolution Services we understand that people from all genders and sexual identities require family law services and we intend to continue to provide such services to all of our clients, as we do not believe in discrimination and we do not wish to add to the level of stress by discriminating against clients based on their covid 19 vaccination status.

Obviously, a good family lawyer knows the law regarding parenting and property issues but because every family is different because every situation is different a good understanding of other areas of the law is always invaluable and necessary.

A good family lawyer understands that family law cannot be viewed in isolation and that advice given in family law matters also requires an understanding of commercial and residential property, an understanding of mortgages, loans and encumbrances, an understanding of corporate structures including companies unit trusts and discretionary trusts, an understanding of self-managed super funds, partnerships and businesses and the good sense to know when it is necessary to consult with an accountant in order to ascertain tax consequences particularly capital gains tax consequences of proposed settlements.

Too often have we heard stories of how a good settlement has turned bad once the taxation liabilities are assessed and determined.

A keen eye is also essential, knowing what documentation to request and being able to identify more importantly the documentation that has not been provided by the other party.

There is also the good sense of knowing when to make the tough decisions to maintain human relations and finances.

We like to provide our clients with the certainty of fixed pricing and pursue, in as much as it is possible to do so, peaceful resolutions and options other than court proceedings.

Anna’s commercial background, having been an accredited specialist mediator, an in-house corporate lawyer for two large American multinational companies as well as working as a lawyer in private practice and in government provides you with a team that will pursue the best possible outcome for you during this difficult phase of your life.

You will receive clear concise communication in a language that you can understand, and you will be dealing with lawyers that you can understand, who listen to you and who provide you with sensible advice that a fixed price. You won’t be charged for over-servicing, you won’t be charged for services that you do not need.



Mel Wyatt is an Accredited Family Law Specialist and Family Violence Lawyer, Mel Wyatt has been practising family law since 2011. Mel is also a family dispute resolution practitioner and can assist with private meditations. Originally from regional Tasmania, Mel relocated to Bacchus Marsh in 2015.

Mel completed her Bachelor of Business and Law at the University of Tasmania, and Masters of Family Law through the College of Law. She has also completed training to become a Mental Health First Aider.

Mel has extensive experience assisting family law clients with their property settlements, children’s matters, and family violence matters. She will ensure that clients are engaged with other relevant services which will assist them through their family law or family violence matter. She can assist clients from negotiating an amicable settlement by Consent Orders through to Court proceedings in the Federal Court and Family Court of Australia in relation to property, children and divorce matters. She can also assist clients with family violence matters in the Magistrates’ Court.

Mel has a strong passion for social justice and set up a free legal advice service on the North West Coast of Tasmania. Since relocating to Victoria, she has been assisting the evening advice services at Westjustice and Fitzroy Community Legal Service. She assists with the St Vinnies Soup Van and also involved with the Rotary Club of Bacchus Marsh.



A Proud History of Modern Law for over 150 years.

Curwen-Walker are Lawyers ready to help you.

Focused on areas of Law such as Conveyancing, Leasing, Wills and Probate, Business Conveyancing, and Family Law.

With an ongoing legal connection to Ballarat since the gold rush, we are one of the oldest Law firms in Ballarat.

John Curwen-Walker & Tom Sullivan continue the firm’s long-standing tradition, of providing quality legal advice and services to the Ballarat and surrounding Central Highlands region.

Family Law Experts

Our Family Law Team of Lawyers continue to assist people in the Ballarat region to navigate the often stressful and frustrating process of separation.

We apply our honesty, care and attention to your situation and explain the complexities of Family Law and work to deliver the assets and access you deserve in your settlement.

Curwen-Walker are Lawyers ready to help you.

We’re experienced in areas of Law such as Conveyancing, Leasing, Wills and Probate, Business Conveyancing, and Family Law.

With an ongoing legal connection to Ballarat since the gold rush, we are one of the oldest Law firms in Ballarat.

John Curwen-Walker & Tom Sullivan continue the firm’s long-standing tradition, of providing quality legal advice and services to the Ballarat and surrounding Central Highlands region.



With close to 100 years of experience, Ballarat residents know they can always count on the staff at Aitken Partners to provide a complete and honest service in a range of legal matters and proceedings.

We began as a small firm in Western Victoria and are still proud to represent the values and principles of the country in every case we take on. We treat our clients with the respect and dignity that they deserve, working closely with them to better understand their situation and deliver a more personalised and relatable legal service.

When they are searching for a reputable law firm, Ballarat residents want to feel like they are working with a team of recognisable and dependable locals, and with Aitken Partners that’s exactly what they get.

Victoria’s Own

Family Lawyers Ballarat

When they need a team of qualified and compassionate family lawyers ‘near me’ Ballarat residents trust Aitken Partners. Our staff have a thorough knowledge of the various avenues and specifications of family law, always providing a transparent and honest service to each and every one of our clients.

From assistance in a child custody case to finding a divorce lawyer to help make your separation as civil and open as possible, the staff at Aitken Partners is on-hand to help.

Unlike major city firms, we will not keep information from you, always providing a clear picture of your legal standing and available options. We have tough and truthful conversations early and will work to give you the very best outcome possible.

If you’re interested in hiring our family law solicitors or divorce attorneys don’t hesitate to get in touch with our office today.

Approachable, Understanding Legal Services

Immigration Lawyers Ballarat

For comprehensive consultations and professional representation from a team of passionate immigration lawyers, Ballarat residents know to turn to Aitken Partners, one of the most respected firms across Victoria.

Whether you are looking to apply for a spouse or family visa, skilled employment visa, lodge an appeal or begin the process towards obtaining citizenship, the staff at Aitken Partners can navigate the ins and outs of immigration law for you, ensuring your case has a greater chance of success than if you were to proceed alone.



Rachel Jones is passionate about family law and is a strong and approachable advocate for all of her clients.

Rachel has been practising law for over 14 years. She began her career at Slater and Gordon in 2007 and remained there for 11 years gaining valuable experience working in commercial litigation, class actions, corporate law, professional standards and risk and family law. It was during this time that Rachel’s commitment to social justice and family law became firmly entrenched. Following this time, Rachel worked at Blackwood Family Lawyers and was more recently employed as a principal lawyer at Gordon Legal in Melbourne.

Based on Rachel’s commercial and corporate law background, she has a natural aptitude for complex family law property matters. Her passion for family law emanates from being an adopted child and learning from a young age of the difficult decisions that parents sometimes have to make in the best interests of their children – and the critical importance of providing children with a loving and stable family environment.

Rachel is a skilled negotiator and litigator and is thrilled to combine her extensive experience and legal skills with her innate sense of social justice and compassion to provide tailored family law services to both her Melbourne and regional clients.


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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I obtain a restraining order in Ballarat?

In Ballarat, a person can obtain a restraining order by filing a petition with the court. The court will then schedule a hearing to determine if a restraining order is necessary to protect the person from harm.

How long does the divorce process take in Ballarat?

The length of the divorce process in Ballarat can vary depending on the complexity of the case and the willingness of both parties to reach an agreement. On average, it can take several months to complete.

How is child custody determined in Ballarat?

Child custody in Ballarat is typically determined based on the best interests of the child. The court will consider factors such as the child’s relationship with each parent, the child’s home environment, and the child’s overall well-being.

How can I get help with child support issues in Ballarat?

In Ballarat, you can get help with child support issues by contacting the Department of Human Services or seeking the assistance of a family law attorney. They can help you understand your rights and options for obtaining or modifying a child support order.