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With over 30 combined years of experience, Jeremy Sutton and his team assists with high net worth, financially complex divorce cases. He has a particular expertise in cases that involve trusts, businesses, disputed estates and significant investment portfolios.

Jeremy finds fulfilment in advocating for people in difficult relationships and making his clients’ views clear. His empathy and compassion is his greatest strength in understanding his clients’ situations. He gets people, and is here to guide you so that you and your loved ones can transition past this tumultuous time.

Jeremy works on a select few files at a time in order to focus on resolving your matter quickly and decisively. He takes the intricacies of the law and tailors it to your individual circumstances. He balances the professional and personable – with a healthy dose of pragmatism for workable solutions.

The best practice in navigating through divorce is a multidisciplinary approach with a range of professionals and support from your family and friends. Jeremy maintains strong relationships with other lawyers, accountants and psychologists.

We understand that separation is a stressful time and that every situation is unique. When you work with us, you can be assured you have a strong team behind you to achieve the best outcomes for you and your family. Jeremy’s clients are soon back to spending time with their loved ones and moving forward with their lives.



If you need immigration or family law assistance, you should contact us at D R Legal. Our legal practice focuses entirely on these two highly specialised fields of law, ensuring we can provide you with the best possible advice, assistance, representation, and advocacy.

Whether your situation is complex or is a more straightforward area of family or immigration law, you’ll get an excellent standard of service when you come to us. Plus, our team is understanding and respectful, whatever your circumstances. Contact us today on 09 259 4561 to arrange a consultation.



Our highly regarded family law team has a vast degree of experience in all areas of family law. We can assist you with all issues arising from family relationships, including:

  • Division of property upon separation
  • Prenuptial agreements (contracting out agreements)
  • Issues relating to children, including care and custody
  • Challenges against wills and estate claims
  • Disputes about trusts
  • Spousal maintenance

We pride ourselves on understanding the needs of our clients and delivering an impeccable service. In many cases, people would simply like to meet with a family lawyer to find out their legal position, whereas others seek assistance on an ongoing basis.

We can tailor our service to meet your needs. To arrange a consultation with a member of our family law team, please click below.



We help you to move through your family law issue calmly, with confidence and certainty, so that you can go on to thrive.

We understand that the only people who enjoy going to Court are lawyers. Even they don’t enjoy it a lot of the time. So, we specialise in helping you and your family reach solutions outside of Court.

Facing a separation or any legal issue involving your family is one of life’s most stressful and emotionally charged events. Any whiff of conflict can quickly become inflamed. We have the skills and training to help you keep conflict in check so it does not steer you off course.

We believe the best outcome is one that a family decides upon, together, for themselves but that they may need support and guidance to do so.

We hate parking hassles and getting stuck in traffic as much as you do! You may also want to work with us even though you live far from us. Therefore, as much as possible, we give you choices for meeting with us online or by phone.

​The law and legal processes can seem overly complicated. At times, it actually is very complex! We take the time to make it as straight forward as possible and ensure you are all over any legal information you need to understand.

​We appreciate that the law is only one factor in your decision making. For some, it’s only a very tiny factor. Often the solutions prescribed by the law do not reflect what is truly important to you and your family moving forward. That is why we focus on understanding the “human” factors that are important to you. This isn’t a one-off discussion for us. We keep checking in on this throughout our time working alongside you.

The pace at which you want to reach a resolution will be individual to you. We assist you to move at the speed that is right for you and your family.

​We know that legal costs can be a challenge or that, for other reasons, you may prefer not to use a lawyer but want guidance all the same. We use a dash of creativity and a splash of technology to offer you opportunities to access legal information in a cost effective, accessible way.

We get that coming to see a lawyer can feel daunting. Honestly, we are not the least bit scary! We are not going to explode your family and push you into an adversarial battle. We are also not at all stuffy. We love a joke and good conversation. You’ll often find we’re in jeans, rather than a suit, with some home baking and a cuppa on offer.



Dealing with a violent husband who is stealing your children? Dial Cramer Law’s Naomi Cramer right away! She is trustworthy, devoted, and sane and has more than 20 years of experience.

The attorney can seek for a protection order for you and the children and secure your property and assets in order to settle your disagreements with your husband in the best interests of the children.

Naomi has a genuine concern for her customers and their family. She takes exceptional legal action in response to that, making her one of Auckland’s top family lawyers.



Elise McCabe holds a BA/LLB from the University of Auckland and an LLM from the London School of Economics and has general civil litigation experience as well as a family law speciality. Elise’s nearly 20 years of legal experience in both large and mid-sized firms has reinforced to her that bigger is not always better, especially when dealing with family law issues. She strives to provide her clients with the best possible legal advice in a timely and dignified manner.

Elise has acted for clients from all walks of life over the years and enjoys the variety of work and diversity of clients that come with being a family law advocate. Many of her clients have been based either out of the Auckland area or overseas.

Elise makes regular appearances in Family Courts throughout Auckland as well as the District Court, High Court and Courts in other parts of New Zealand.

Elise is a member of the Family Law Section of the New Zealand Law Society.



Quadrant Chambers was established in 2010 when Hana Ellis, Andrew Finnie and Sharyn Otene decided to join forces and set up a professional and collegial Chambers with the aim of meeting the wide ranging and diverse needs of the modern Auckland community.

At the start of 2011 Quadrant was joined by Ling Ly who had previously worked across Auckland in a variety of roles. Ling was on parental leave for some time but has now returned to work.

In 2012 Quadrants numbers were further increased by the arrival of Ian Telford. Ian joined Quadrant with a diverse background bringing a wealth of experience from the United Kingdom and from the health sector in New Zealand.

In 2014 Janice Harland and Serena Hiku joined the team bringing over 20 year’s experience in a national law firm where Janice was a partner for many years. Janice and Serena bring a corporate element to the Chambers coupled with a calm and measured approach to client services and relationships.

In 2015 Sharyn Otene left Quadrant Chambers as she was appointed a Family Court Judge. The Chambers was joined by Dr Allan Cooke and Patrick Kannemeyer who have worked for many years as Family Law Barristers in the City. They are a welcome addition to our team bringing with them not only experience in many areas of family law but also involvement in a range of legal committees at regional and national level.

Anesha joined Quadrant Chambers in October 2020 and has experience in all aspects of family law. She provides pragmatic legal advice and guidance that her clients can rely on. Anesha is often appointed to represent children in Family Court proceedings.

Collectively the Quadrant team has a strong focus on professional and client focused service with an eye on timely, friendly and efficient resolution of issues for clients.



Claire commenced practice in 1995, initially assisting in a police prosecution team. She then worked as a criminal and civil litigator before specializing in employment and family law.

Before commencing practice as a sole barrister Claire led the family law team at a North Shore firm in Auckland where she was a senior associate for a number of years.

Claire is a member of the New Zealand Law Society Family Law Section.

Claire is married with 3 children and enjoys keeping fit, outdoor activities and time with family.



Boyle Mathieson law firm is a legal practice based in Henderson, West Auckland and serves that community as well as the wider West Auckland area with outstanding but affordable legal advice.

Boyle Mathieson was established by John Boyle and Fiona Mathieson in 1999. Since this time it has grown in size and now employs a number of lawyers and support staff. The firm is based in two locations at 23 and 27 Lincoln Road with parking available at both locations.

The firm is based on four key principles that staff are passionate about:

  • A focused and strategic approach to practical advice and real solutions;
  • Competitive and affordable services that add value for their clients;
  • Uncompromising and consistently high quality work; and
  • Enduring relationships that give clients real confidence.

Boyle Mathieson offers legal services in many areas of law. From business and commercial law to property, conveyancing and family law, trusts, immigration, litigation, and notary services plus many more. Lawyers at Boyle Mathieson have the experience and expertise to help with your many legal needs.



We are a team of skilled and experienced lawyers who understand that professional services are equally as important as building a reliable and enduring relationship. We want to be the lawyers that will help you make the most of your opportunities or solve your difficult issues.

At MBC we know you want lawyers you enjoy working with and who provide you with the best advice in a clear practical and innovative way. Whatever your instructions we have the time to listen and the experience and determination to do an outstanding job.

Our origins go back over 75 years and we still keep in touch with many of our old and valued clients.

We have an in-house qualified Mandarin translator and an active team qualified to provide services in Chinese.


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