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Anita Chan QC is one of New Zealand’s leading family law barristers. She was appointed to the rank of Queen’s Counsel in 2014.

Anita’s practice is in complex relationship property and child cases, often with an international element (parties or property overseas, cross-border child abduction, forum disputes). Anita is often retained as counsel in cases involving farms, trusts, high-value assets, and complex asset structures. Anita is also appointed by the Courts as lawyer for children, a role she particularly enjoys.

Anita is a Fellow of the prestigious International Academy of Family Lawyers ( Only those practitioners recognised as the most experienced and skilled family law specialists in their respective countries are admitted as Fellows of the Academy. Anita presently serves as counsel to the Academy and has previously held the offices of Vice-President, Counsel, Parliamentarian and Governor respectively.

Anita chaired the New Zealand Law Society Family Law Section from 2000-2001.

Anita has presented extensively on a diverse range of family law topics both nationally and internationally, including in Brisbane, Adelaide, Seoul, Shanghai, Capetown, Vancouver, Singapore, Buenos Aires, Budapest and Tokyo.

Anita is the author of the chapter of New Zealand Family Law in “Family Law – Jurisdictional Comparisons” (part of the European Lawyer Reference series published by Thomson Reuters UK). This book is widely used by family lawyers globally and is regarded as an authoritative guide in the practice of international family law.

She is, together with Tammy Whelan, co-author of the New Zealand chapter in “International Relocation of Children, a global guide from practical law” (published by Thomson Reuters UK).

Anita is proud to be a graduate of the University of Otago. She is a regular guest lecturer in Family Law at Otago University.

In 1991 Anita was awarded an IBA (International Bar Association) Young Lawyer Scholarship, and as a scholar, attended its conferences in Hong Kong, New Orleans, Melbourne and Paris.

Outside work, Anita and her husband Neil own Monarch Wildlife Cruises and Tours, offering cruises around Otago harbour and tours throughout Dunedin and the Otago region.



I am a specialist family lawyer based in Dunedin.

I have over 20 years of legal experience and specialise now as a barrister working in Family Law matters, including all matters arising from separation such as care of children and relationship property division.

I understand that these can be very unsettling times for you. I aim to provide practical, compassionate advice to help you make the best decisions. My main objective as your family or divorce lawyer is to get a fair and reasonable outcome for you and your family. I like to work in a collaborative manner – enabling clients to maintain dignity and keeping relationships as amicable as possible.

Contact me if you need assistance or family legal advice services concerning separation, filing for divorce, applying for a parenting order, mediation, litigation and courtroom advocacy.



Experience the difference when you engage our Dunedin solicitors.

Looking for an approachable lawyer in Dunedin? Jenny Beck founded Jenny Beck Law in 2001. Since then, the firm has grown from strength to strength. Our commitment to our clients is first and foremost and our team goes above and beyond to help. At Jenny Beck Law, we endeavour to provide you with advice that fits your individual and business needs.

Jenny Beck Law stands out from other law firms in Dunedin. Besides our professional and cost effective service, our lawyers are eminently approachable and friendly as well as being resourceful and proactive. To ensure that you receive the best service, our team of lawyers and legal staff specialise in different areas of law including family law and property law.



Dunedin-based lawyers providing commonsense, practical legal solutions throughout Otago.

Have you recently made a relationship, property or financial decision and need legal help to ensure the process of change runs smoothly? Talk to the approachable and plainspoken lawyers at Craig Paddon Lawyer in Dunedin.

Craig Paddon Lawyer is smaller than other Dunedin law firms which means you will benefit from highly personal service. Your needs will be attended to by a lawyer of your choosing and this person will be with you from start to finish. Rest assured, we are committed to excellence, accountability and value in all cases small or large – a stance that has strengthened our reputation throughout Otago.

Prepare for change with the lawyers in Dunedin at Craig Paddon Lawyer. The best way to reach us is to call the office or send an email. You can also send a message via our Facebook page or contact us individually (individual numbers are listed below under our team profiles).



At Downie Stewart Lawyers Dunedin we are focused solely on helping you achieve your goals.

We have an incredibly talented team of Dunedin lawyers that will listen to you and provide you with sound legal advice, always striving for the simplest solution to any problem.

Buying a commercial property? Restructuring your business? In an employment dispute? Separating from your partner? Selling your farm? Sorting out personal affairs? Whatever issue you face, we can help you.

We are committed to this region and have worked with Dunedin and Otago families and businesses since 1867.



What is on offer?

A discreet safe space with Anja Klinkert or Dani Nicolson working as your mediator.

Anja Klinkert is a practicing Mediator working in Dunedin, Otago for 20 plus years. She is a Resolution Institute accredited and AMINZ mediator panel member. Her particular focus is on collaborative dispute resolution, building teams with people in dispute. She offers extensive experience in all things property and family. On-going trainings are around practicing collaboratively, and in trauma informed and child inclusive ways. She is passionate about on-going commitment to training and growing as a dispute resolution practitioner, working as mediator, co-mediator, collaborative lawyer, and advocate. She enjoys working with Martin and now Ravi, the resident Martin Building Staffies.

Dani Nicolson is an accredited Mediator working in Ōtepoti / Dunedin and wider Otago. She is a professional member of Resolution Institute. Dani has a special interest in communication tools that encourage relationship building and repair, as well as neurobiological techniques for coaching individuals to manage their emotions and sense of power within a challenging or conflictual situation. Dani can assist with mediation in your family (on all matters family related) as well as your business, workplace, partnership, and community organisation.

Like Anja, Dani is a collaboratively trained lawyer/professional. Dani works keenly with other professionals (and with her wonderful team at Klinkert Law) to support you to find the simple or ‘out of the box’ solutions that might be required for your situation.

Both Dani and Anja are accredited FDR Practitioners meaning they provide funded services in Family Dispute Resolution for the NZ Government.

What services?

Since 2010 services on offer include mediating Disputes over:

  • FDR Mediation (Family Dispute Resolution – Private & Government Funded)
  • Relationship Property
  • Separation & Care of Children
  • Property – Residential & Commercial Property Transactions Gone Wrong
  • Employment – Team Building / Performance / Harassment / Bullying / Exit
  • Business Partnership (Team Building & Resolution of Disputes)
  • Shareholder Disputes
  • Estate – Beneficiaries / Executors & Trustees and Beneficiaries
  • Education – Board of Trustees / Teachers / Parents
  • Community – Incorporated Societies, Trusts, Members, Boards, Managers
  • Elder Persons – refer below for further explanation

To resolve disputes and problems in a constructive and private way, parties attend mediation with or without legal representatives or support people. The process is tailor made to suit.



Wilkinson Rodgers Lawyers was formed in 2014 from the merger of two well-known and highly respected Otago law firms, Wilkinson Adams and Rodgers Law. Both firms had histories dating back to the 1870s.

With a clientele from all walks of life, the firm caters variously to corporate clients, farmers, first-home buyers, charitable trusts and start-up businesses. Our solicitors have a wealth of in-depth experience to assist you with all your legal needs.

Wilkinson Rodgers is a member of NZ Law Ltd, an association of independent legal practices, and takes pride in upholding the highest professional standards in providing first-rate service to its clients.



Family disputes can be stressful, becoming a time of high emotion and conflict. Webb Farry are experts at helping people calmly navigate the law to get the best solution to their family law problems.

When you are going through a separation or divorce there are many things that need to be considered:

  • How will property be divided (relationship property and trust property)?
  • How will ongoing financial commitments be met (maintenance, child support, short-term distributions of relationship property)?
  • Who will look after the children (parenting orders, day-to-day care or “custody,” and contact or “access”)?
  • How will decisions about the children’s lives be made (guardianship directions, including relocation, paternity disputes)?
  • How will the parties keep themselves safe (protection orders and family violence/domestic violence issues)?
  • How are overseas issues dealt with (foreign assets, enforcement of New Zealand Court orders overseas, jurisdictional issues)?
  • How can negotiations reached between parties be finalised (independent advice on relationship property agreements, dissolution of marriage, Parenting Agreements)?

Disputes can also arise after a family member has died. We assist with claims against Estates where family members have been disinherited, or have not been adequately provided for in a Will. Claims can be brought under the Family Protection Act 1955 by family members, and under the Property (Relationships) Act 1976 for surviving spouses or partners to challenge distributions under Estates.

Webb Farry Lawyers also specialises in applications for appointment as Welfare Guardians and Property Managers under the Protection of Personal and Property Rights Act 1988 (“PPPR”) where people have lost mental capacity.



O’Neill Devereux is a family firm based in Dunedin that specialises in assisting clients buying and selling property throughout New Zealand, as well as providing a wide range of additional legal services, including Wills, Trusts, Litigation, Company, Family and Estate law.

The firm consists of three Partners, four Registered Legal Executives and support staff. The offices are located at 433 Princes Street, Dunedin. Business hours are 9.00am to 5.30pm, Monday to Friday. Please telephone, email, or fax for more details about our services or to arrange an appointment.



When you need a lawyer to help you through a family crisis, you need an experienced family law specialist who can give you sound, non-judgmental, compassionate advice.

You need someone who will listen – really listen – to what you need, who recognises that your circumstances are unique to you, and who won’t treat you like just another client.

At McMillan&Co. we don’t practice every type of law; we only do what we can genuinely claim to be experts in. Sally is a specialist family lawyer, and has more than 30 years of experience in all aspects of family and relationship property law, as well as in matters relating to children.

Whether you are separating from your husband after 40 years or moving in with your girlfriend after 40 winks, we can get on and resolve your relationship property issues so that you can get on with your life. If you’re fighting the international relocation of your child, or wanting to challenge the Will of your late father, you will benefit from everything that we have learned from our experience with hundreds of clients before you, and from the sound, longstanding relationships that we have with our colleagues in the legal profession. We will roll up our sleeves and get stuck in to try and negotiate a good deal and resolve matters without going to court if that’s possible but, if your dispute does end up before a judge, you can be confident that your lawyer is a highly experienced and effective advocate in both the family and high courts.


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