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Carlile Dowling is the result of an amalgamation of two long established Napier law firms; Carlile McLean & Co and Dowling & Co in the late 1980s. Carlile McLean & Co was founded in 1874 by James Carlile and was joined by Patrick McLean in 1881, making it one of the earliest known legal firms in the region. Today, Carlile Dowling is a modern legal firm based in Napier providing a full range of legal services.

We take a team approach to our work and our clients have access to a wealth of knowledge and experience from professionals who are highly respected in their fields.



Langley Twigg has dealt extensively with family law matters, employing a number of different approaches to help clients understand their rights and obligations in respect of their relationships, family and children. We are mindful of the stress facing people dealing with family disputes and adopt a individualised and pragmatic approach. Our Hastings and Napier Lawyers can help with any of the below.

We can assist you with:

  • Relationship Property Settlements
  • Contracting Out Agreements – Keeping separate property separate
  • Independent mediation and resolution of relationship property disputes
  • Dissolutions of Marriage (divorce papers)
  • Disputes arising out of the death of a family member including claims against the Estate

Examples of our work:

  • Division of relationship property including companies and trusts
  • Asserting a parent’s rights when their former partner has, or seeks to relocate without the former’s consent
  • Contracting-out agreements involving trusts, companies and farming partnerships
  • Claims by children on the estate of their parents
  • Providing independent mediation to former partners disputing relationship property


Our present legal services structure consists of Consultants, Partners, Associates, Lawyers, Legal Executives, and a Practice Manager together with secretarial and support staff.

Willis Legal is a member of Law Alliance New Zealand, an association of over 30 law firms from around New Zealand. The benefits to our clients from us being part of LANZ include:

  • Access to online legal databases enabling us to be up to date with developments in the law.
  • A network of lawyers with specialist knowledge in different areas of law.
  • Education and training of the firm’s lawyers and legal executives to enable the firm to more effectively meet its clients’ needs.


an approachable law firm with specialist lawyers including an employment lawyer, conveyancing lawyer, family court lawyers, family lawyers and property lawyers – we cover just about all the legal services.



I work as a lawyer and mediator, and I gain great satisfaction from helping people.

I enjoy the intellectual challenge of research, preparing cases and writing legal submissions.

My job satisfaction comes from knowing I have really made a positive difference for my clients.

“Mpatapo” is the symbol I have chosen as part of my logo. It is a West African symbol referred to as the knot of reconciliation and represents peacemaking after discord.

My first job out of law school was working as a Judge’s Clerk in the High Court in Wellington. This job involved research and providing written opinions to the High Court Judges on all aspects of the law.

I have been practising law in the Hawkes Bay since I moved to Napier in 1993 and commenced work in a firm undertaking family and other general litigation work.

I moved to the bar to practise as a barrister sole in 2001 and have enjoyed the independence and autonomy this has provided. While still working full-time, I undertook study towards an LLM (Masters in Law) at Victoria University of Wellington/Te Herenga Waka being awarded this post-graduate degree with Distinction in 2017.

I balance my working life with catching up with my family, including our three children who have now left home, enjoying the company of family and friends, singing as a soloist in concerts, oratorios and opera, and constantly learning something new (Te Reo and cryptic crosswords are my current challenges).



Cathedral Lane Law started in 2013, formed by a barrister whose experience lay mostly in criminal defence, family court work and civil litigation. The firm added property work, offering a range of services to clients.

The firm is a boutique law firm offering personalised service to a range of clients. The firm’s solicitors accept legal aid for criminal, family court and eligible civil matters within the expertise of the firm.

Areas of specialty include general criminal defence, family court disputes including care of and contact with children, family violence and relationship property disputes, civil litigation, especially contract disputes, employment disputes, negligence and other tort claims, including defamation.



Family lawyers specialising in:

  • Family Violence
  • Care of children
  • Separation
  • Wills
  • Relationship Property
  • Employment
  • Civil

We provide services for both private paying and legally aided clients.



We are a firm of all female lawyers who specialise in all aspects of family law including relationship property, family court work including care of children matters and domestic violence. We also undertake work in relation to house sales and purchases, refinancing, Trusts, Wills and Estates.

The firm was started in 2005 by Donna Carroll & Kirstin Monk with a vision to offer a specialist, professional, friendly service for clients. We opened with an urgent family court matter being dealt with on the first day (before our desks were even set up properly) and we haven’t looked back since.

If you are looking for a professional lawyer with specialist knowledge and skills but who is friendly, caring and approachable, then please don’t hesitate to contact us to organise a time to meet with one of our team.



Our boutique Law Firm has been operating since 2010 with our Director, Zelda Tope, having over 35 years experience so you can be assured that our team is well equipt with knowledge and experience to assist you through your legal matter.

Our friendly team provides quality service and aim to keep you well informed throughout.

In New Zealand, all Solicitors and Barristers must comply with the New Zealand legislation and must have a practising certificate to practice in New Zealand. Conveyancers must also comply with the New Zealand legislation and be registered or have a practising certificate to operate in New Zealand.

All Solicitors and Conveyancers are required to adhere to strict guidelines in regards to how advice must be given, how to manage our business and also how to deal with a variety of authorities.


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