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The Pier Law team is comprised of experienced lawyers spread over three branches in Christchurch. We are all people who very much take an interest in our clients as well as their needs and work with them individually to achieve their goals.

The quality of the services we offer to our clients is given the highest priority. Our philosophy is that our team is your team and we promise to communicate with you warmly, professionally, honestly and openly from the moment you contact us.



As Christchurch lawyers, in both private and commercial practice, we are committed to achieving the goals of individuals and ensuring the success of businesses and organisations.

Since 1922, our team of Christchurch lawyers has worked together with iwi, big business, small business and private individuals to help them realise their goals. We’ve developed a robust approach to solving legal problems and helping people and organisations needing the help of lawyers in Christchurch to succeed.

We are powered by the calibre of our people and their ability to seize opportunity. We know it’s essential that you are matched with a professional with experience and expertise in dealing with your specific issue. We’re not hands-off, we’re hands-on, and solve legal issues efficiently and effectively.



Harmans’ long association with Canterbury’s legal community began in 1888, when Thomas DeRenzy Harman, the son of Richard Harman, a passenger on one of the First Four Ships, established his own practice.

Over the next 100-odd years the firm was known by a number of name variations and occupied several different premises throughout Christchurch and the wider Canterbury region. Throughout that time, one constant was the presence of the Harman family, with direct descendants of Thomas DeRenzy holding prominent positions within the firm until the retirement of Colin Harman in 2009.

The firm has enjoyed continuous growth since the late 1960s, consistently expanding its capabilities to meet the evolving needs of Cantabrians. In 2003 Harmans purchased Papanui Law, and, following the devastating Christchurch earthquakes of 2011, have occupied the premises at 485 Papanui Road which accompanied that acquisition. If there’s one feature of our business which has contributed to our longevity and continued success more than anything else, it’s been our willingness to adapt. We’re a proactive, forward-thinking law firm, continually looking for opportunities to develop the scope of our services, and always welcoming input and feedback from our incredibly loyal clients.

We’re immensely proud of the role we play in our local community, and remain passionately committed to Christchurch and the broader Canterbury area.



Giving Our Best Since 1883

You receive quality and practical advice from a highly experienced legal team. We deliver an exquisite service at the most cost-effective price.

Weston Ward & Lascelles has been providing quality legal advice since 1883. We are medium sized Christchurch law firm with a team of highly experienced barristers and solicitors who are able to deliver a quality service on a wide range of legal issues. We are also proud members of Law Alliance New Zealand (LANZ).



Linwood Law Limited is a firm of lawyers committed to providing a professional and friendly service to our clients.

“A Lifetime of Support”

Linwood Law began life as the branch of a large Christchurch firm more than 20 years ago. It then evolved to become its own separate firm. Now owned by Linwood Law Limited, the company is continuing the Linwood Law tradition of providing quality service in a friendly and professional manner with a commitment to the community.



We are large enough to service your legal needs at every turn, but small enough to know you. Corcoran French is your legal firm for life.

We’re big enough that we have our finger on the pulse of legal policies and regulations. At the same time, we are small enough to stay accessible, provide a single point of contact, and share information among colleagues for your benefit.

Corcoran French is a progressive law firm committed to:

  • Building strong relationships with our clients
  • Understanding your needs
  • Giving cost-effective solutions and peace of mind
  • Finding solutions to your legal problems

We believe that people matter and we highly value integrity and professionalism. At Corcoran French, we care about maintaining a competent and cohesive team that will work with you to guarantee the best possible outcome.

As part of NZ LAW we can access the knowledge and skills of more than 60 other firms throughout the country.



We are a full service Christchurch law firm

Whatever your need, we have you covered. Deal with friendly people who are experts in their respective fields and passionate about helping you move with confidence. We’ve built a trusted reputation on our dependable expertise and the authentic relationships we have with our clients.

Confidence comes from knowing you’re getting advice that’s thorough and sound. Our large and strong team includes genuine specialists in nearly every area of law so you can be sure that whatever your need, we’ve got you covered.



We help you to move through your family law issue calmly, with confidence and certainty, so that you can go on to thrive.

We understand that the only people who enjoy going to Court are lawyers. Even they don’t enjoy it a lot of the time. So, we specialise in helping you and your family reach solutions outside of Court.

Facing a separation or any legal issue involving your family is one of life’s most stressful and emotionally charged events. Any whiff of conflict can quickly become inflamed. We have the skills and training to help you keep conflict in check so it does not steer you off course.

We believe the best outcome is one that a family decides upon, together, for themselves but that they may need support and guidance to do so.

We hate parking hassles and getting stuck in traffic as much as you do! You may also want to work with us even though you live far from us. Therefore, as much as possible, we give you choices for meeting with us online or by phone.

​The law and legal processes can seem overly complicated. At times, it actually is very complex! We take the time to make it as straight forward as possible and ensure you are all over any legal information you need to understand.

​We appreciate that the law is only one factor in your decision making. For some, it’s only a very tiny factor. Often the solutions prescribed by the law do not reflect what is truly important to you and your family moving forward. That is why we focus on understanding the “human” factors that are important to you. This isn’t a one-off discussion for us. We keep checking in on this throughout our time working alongside you.

The pace at which you want to reach a resolution will be individual to you. We assist you to move at the speed that is right for you and your family.

​We know that legal costs can be a challenge or that, for other reasons, you may prefer not to use a lawyer but want guidance all the same. We use a dash of creativity and a splash of technology to offer you opportunities to access legal information in a cost effective, accessible way.

We get that coming to see a lawyer can feel daunting. Honestly, we are not the least bit scary! We are not going to explode your family and push you into an adversarial battle. We are also not at all stuffy. We love a joke and good conversation. You’ll often find we’re in jeans, rather than a suit, with some home baking and a cuppa on offer.



We work across many sectors and provide a range of legal services to our clients around New Zealand. Working alongside you we are committed to providing exceptional legal solutions guided by market leading expertise in all areas we work in. Peace of mind. Our focus.

Putting our clients first is the foundation of our firm and has always been reflected in our values over the years. We understand that our clients come to see us for a variety of reasons but ultimately our focus is the same for everyone – working alongside you to achieve your goals.

We understand the importance of giving back to the communities our team is part of. It’s an important part of the way we do business. We are proud to support a variety of community, not-for-profit and social enterprises across the Canterbury region.

Our people are the heart of our firm. We are committed to growing a strong, supportive and inclusive culture. Your success is our focus.



Maclean & Associates is a well established legal practice based in Christchurch. Our legal and support staff pride themselves on providing legal services of the highest standard in an effective timely manner and in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere.

Family Law and Relationship Property matters can be complex and difficult to resolve. By providing timely and pragmatic advice we can assist you on matters such as separation, custody and access disputes, child support, division of property after a relationship ends or Contracting Out Agreements under the Property (Relationships) Act 1976.


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